BURIL products are made with high quality materials, their main raw material, bovine leather, is a delicate / natural material and can present variations or irregularities in its tonality since no two leathers are the same and the marks and scars reflect authenticity of the material used.


Tips and recommendations:


  • It is advisable to keep the pieces in open-weft covers that allow product ventilation, such as those supplied with the product, in this way, moisture condensation is avoided, which can impair the good preservation of the material.
  • Never machine wash or store the product in humid places.
  • Contact with inks, perfumes, makeup, alcohol, oils, sealants, waterproofing and solvents cause irrecoverable deterioration of the material.
  • Never use: Glycerin soap, abrasive cleaners, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohols or ammonia water.


Tips and Recommendations for the care of the fittings:


  • Do not expose to lotions, creams, cosmetics, perfumes or water.
  • Clean frequently using a soft cloth to maintain its original color and shine.
  • Avoid rubbing fittings to prevent scratches. 


Liquid spills:


  • In the event of spills, it is recommended to dry the liquid immediately with a clean cloth or dry absorbent sponge. Do not rub. Then dry with a clean towel and let the item dry in the environment. It should never be dried directly in the sun.
  • The material should never be tumble dried, as heat can damage the material.
  • Oil or Grease: In the case of stains with oils or fats, consult specialized dry cleaners. Remember that leather is a natural material and are very susceptible to the absorption of these fluids.


Special materials:


  • Chamois: 
    • Leather with suede finishes require special treatment.
    • A specific protector for chamois is recommended, it is important to note that these can alter the color.
    • Avoid rubbing with clothes that tend to lose color (eg Jean)
    • Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, humidity, etc.
    • It should be noted that they can transfer color to other garments such as light fabrics.
  • Metallic and Hair: 
    • Leather or metallic finish leathers deserve extra care
    • They are sensitive to friction.
    • With rubbing, it can wear out and in the case of metallic ones, they can lose their original shine and color.






In accordance with its legal obligations, BURIL MARROQUINERÍA , is responsible for the quality, suitability, safety and good condition of its products.


The guarantee of the products is 3 months from the moment the product is received and only for manufacturing defects that for various reasons have not been detected in our visual inspection at the time of shipment. For this effect, the corresponding notification must be made within five (5) calendar days following receipt of the product.


In the event that a manufacturing defect that cannot be repaired is detected, the product will be replaced by a new one, if the model is no longer available, it can be exchanged for any other product of the same or greater value, canceling the difference.


Likewise, the following considerations must be taken into account:


  • Hardware breakage caused by knocks or falls is not guaranteed as this is considered misuse or improper care of the product (see Product Care).
  • Zippers and snaps that do not function properly are not guaranteed after 3 months from the time the purchase is generated.
  • Bovine leather products can suffer a discoloration due to use (rubbing) which is not guaranteed after 3 months from the moment the purchase is made .
  • Sale products have no exchange or return option.
  • We provide the service of arrangements and these will be charged after 3 months from the moment the purchase is generated .