One of the phrases that remained engraved in my mind was during my internship “Life is full of promise for people who work in what they like”. This was an expression that Agatha Ruiz de la Prada used while working with her, in a creative meeting.

This phrase, along with her personality and devotion to her brand sparked a fire within me. From that point on, these words inspired me to start my own business. Buril was born.

A brand that draws inspiration from a creative, passionate, and brave woman whilst highlighting the supreme talent and honest work in leather goods of a family that strives for the betterment and progression of all of its members.

…and this is just the beginning of a grand journey.


Born from the desire for exceptional design, a minimalist trend and love of local products, Buril encompasses the essence of a proud Colombian brand. We create pieces that blend high-quality materials with artisan craft, and give women a feeling of uniqueness, comfort and every-day ease.

With women as inspiration, our design emulates the spirit of the confident, independent and powerful woman – a design whose look matches this great sentiment. Thus, the brand creates timeless pieces that take on an individual value representative of the woman who wears them.

All in all, Buril’s universe celebrates the modern woman in all of its versions and offers an array of designs to meet her infinite needs and distinctive passions. The conservative, versatile and comfortable details stand out with intention and the quality of materials, together with ease of use, captivates. In all of its splendor, Buril has something for all.